Saturday, December 21, 2013


Title: Sailing Alone

I created the background by applying a multi-colored wash and let it
dry, washed in transparent colors to suggest clouds, established the
hills using darker washes, and carefully painted the sailboat.

Title: Across the Field

In this painting a light wash of many colors was applied.  Background
trees were suggested using darker values applied wet.  The barn was
painted using a combination of hard and soft edges and a bit of dry
brush.  I completed the painting with foreground spattering.

Title: Hermitage

Here is an example of painting a suggested subject.  I washed in a
light background.  A slanting line and white patch suggested a hill
and cottage, so I developed them using positive and negative painting

Title: Color Brew

I penciled in the design, applied a multi-colored wash, then began
painting shapes.  Dry brush, scraping, and small washes define the